Frank Delaney’s Re:Joyce podcast

Bestselling author and broadcaster Frank Delaney created a weekly James Joyce podcast in which he goes line by line through the text of Ulysses. After the first year of recordings, we did a publicity push to coincide with Bloomsday.

In addition to the below media hits, we secured coverage in Time, Slate, Open Culture and many other outlets, all of which led to a massive jump in subscribers.

The New Yorker: What To Do on Bloomsday: a Roundup
This roundup included a write-up of the podcast and a link to the website and an embedded video of the series trailer. 

NPR: 'Ulysses,' One Day, And One Line, At A Time
An in-depth piece on the podcast on NPR's Weekend Edition

The Economist: Happy Bloomsday! Deciphering James Joyce
A feature in The Economist’s lifestyle publication Intelligent Life