Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life by William V. Madison (University Press of Mississippi)

William V. Madison hired us a week before the publication of Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life to do a last-minute, 4-week media blitz to support the publisher’s publicity efforts. He specifically wanted us to reach out to media outlets read by the book’s more specialized audiences: gay men, film and theater buffs, and Jews. We lined up many reviews, podcasts, and interviews in each of those media spaces.  

Here are a few of our favorite hits:

Film Quarterly: Book Review
An extended book review in the esteemed film journal. (Full text behind paywall.)

OUT magazine: Musto! The Musical: Madeline Kahn Loved the Gays—ALot
The inimitable Michael Musto covers the book in his monthly entertainment column.

Adweek, Fishbowl NY: Former CBS News Producer Chronicles the Genius of Madeline Kahn
This post in Fishbowl NY was widely shared, and led to several other review and interview requests.