Why Us

"A sharp, considerate, sincere person as well as a relentless worker who knows what to do and how to do it.– Igoni Barrett, author of Blackass

"Within a couple weeks, Leah booked me on the highest-rated morning TV show in NYC; lots more media coverage followed. It's been worth the investment many times over."– Carmelo Piazza, author, educator, entertainer.

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What Makes Us Different?

We've worked in the New York media world for almost two decades—and we have the contacts to show for it. We've nurtured relationships with journalists, and we keep abreast of the myriad changes to the industry. We always know which writers and producers to call for each story.

We’ve placed clients on the TODAY show and on the front page of The New York Times, as well as on hundreds of other high-profile radio and TV shows, magazines and newspapers, and online outlets. We do not stop working until we secure the best media coverage possible.     

Personal touch
We offer the kind of focus, professionalism, and responsiveness that you need from your publicity team. Press Shop principal Leah Paulos works closely with every client and is always accessible. At larger PR agencies, the top people pitch the client, but are unavailable once they're signed. Most of the work is done by junior associates with little experience.  

Our extensive background on the editorial side of the journalist/publicist relationship gives us uncommon expertise in finding and presenting media-friendly news hooks and guiding a piece through to publication or broadcast. We know how journalists think and what they need.