THE GRADUATE SCHOOL MESS by Len Cassuto (Harvard University Press)

Fordham University professor Len Cassuto hired Press Shop to help spread the word about his book The Graduate School Mess: What Caused It and How We Can Fix It. We focused on journalists who cover higher education and secured many highly targeted media hits; new responses keep coming in months after our outreach work with him ended. Cassuto's book sold well, and he's now become the go-to guy for journalists when they cover issues in higher education. He's received too many speaking invitations to accept since the media blitz began. 

Some of our favorite coverage here: 

The Atlantic: What’s the Point of a PhD?
A 2,000+ word thought piece largely focusing on Cassuto and the book. It was widely read and linked to by academics, education writers, and bloggers.  

The Washington Post: Why Graduate Schools Are a Complete Disaster
This bylined essay appeared in the Post’s Grade Point blog. 

Salon: Our Graduate School Nightmare. Higher Education is Broken. Here’s How We Fix It. [excerpt] 
An excerpt that helped cement Cassuto as the go-to commentator on issues in academia.