Spreading the Word to Moms About SureShop

SureShop bags are lightweight reusable shopping bags that prevent a frequent and very annoying parenting problem: strollers tipping over backwards when a child gets up. We worked with Sonjie Solomon, the inventor of the bag, to share the news about her simple yet ingenious product.

A round of media outreach to top parenting publications resulted in many hits, including: 

BabyCenter:  12 Genius Mom-Invented Products
A round-up slideshow on one of the most widely-read (and trusted) sources for news and information for parents of young children.   

Parents: Baby Gear for a Steal
A round-up of great baby gifts under $25 in this long-trusted parenting magazine with 2.2 million circulation. 

CoolMomPicks: Be the Last Stroller Standing, No Matter How Many Gifts are Weighing You Down
A feature in the hugely popular shopping blog for hip parents.